Your Local Guide to Granada

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Initially, when we arrived in Granada for Our Year in Spain, we were like deer caught in the headlights, trying to figure out how things worked, where to find what we needed, places to go and what to do. It took us a year to find our rhythm of Granadino life, to confidently navigate through the city, and begin to understand the traditions and rituals.

So, we decided to create a useful guide to help others, based on what we had learned. Some things we discovered ourselves by bumbling along but most of what we experienced was thanks to the generosity of locals who shared their city with us.

After a year of deliberation, I have finally delivered on my promise to write this guide to Granada. I think the reason it took me so long to complete was that I didn’t want it to be a straightforward tourist guide. I wanted it to be a useful handbook for those living in or visiting Granada; to allow others to experience a taste of local life and also help navigate some of the idiosyncrasies of this city. Of course it takes time to become a local (many, many years I’ve been told, as all good things take time), however I also know that whenever I visit a destination, I try to find the places where the locals  go so I can absorb just a little taste of what it might be like to live in that place.

Like many destinations worth visiting though, you will likely be jostling with other visitors. This guide is designed to help you find the gems and avoid some of the tourist traps. The aim is to help others experience the best of Granada while also trying to alleviate some of the hassles that come with not knowing how a city works: like avoiding getting multiple traffic fines for driving on restricted access roads that make up most of Granada.

The guide contains information about local festivals, arts and entertainment, places to see, things to do, where to eat and drink, and how to generally get around. There is information about sports, alternative health services, excursions, mountain hikes and nearby destinations worth visiting.

We hope this guide will help you gather the knowledge you need to enjoy your time in Granada because ultimately we want to share with you the city we came to love dearly while we lived there.

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8 thoughts on “Your Local Guide to Granada

  1. Well done it looks great!!

    Now put it on amazon as well and it will drive more people to your services 😉

    Next email have more buy here links I reckon

    Nadine Richardson 0412472247

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  2. Hello there, I am EXTREMELY keen to learn how I can live in grenada with my wife and 9 month old daughter 😁 I have so many questions for you lol is it best to write a detailed email here or is there another way to chat to you? We went on a holiday to Italy and spain 3 years ago and spain has taken my heart, I just end up at dead ends when I try to work it all out 😁 we live in Brisbane 👍 anyway thanks for your time, Mark

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    1. HI Mark! Thanks for your comment. Happy to talk with you about your plans. Best if you Click on the Contact Us button in the menu and then we can email directly. Looking forward to chatting. Regards!

    2. Hi Mark did you ever make the move? We are considering moving next year for 6months with our 12month old. Thanks Marisa

  3. Congrats Bianca!!! Love that you did this!! Amazing!! Courtney Dodson

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  4. Such a nice post! I just came back from Granada and had a very similar experience. Check out my website at for similar content.

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