What I have learnt from living in Spain

It’s interesting how even three years since our return, the lessons keep coming, less frequently but still prevalent. I remember while living in Spain how moved I was by the community’s commitment to celebrating and ritualising important cultural events like Saints’ days, national days, Easter and the annual ‘feria’ among many, many other festivals. I … More What I have learnt from living in Spain

Caught between two worlds – repatriation

For years I have listened to stories of people displaced from their homelands for various reasons. I listened with interest without fully understanding what it would be like to constantly wonder about a life, land and culture elsewhere. Now I have finally come to understand, in my own ‘lite’ version, the concept of living between two … More Caught between two worlds – repatriation

365 days…

365 days ago we untethered ourselves from life in Australia and took a leap of faith into the unknown. We boarded a plane that carried the four of us across continents and oceans. The only known was that we would spend a year living in Granada, Spain. The remaining pieces of the journey were a … More 365 days…

A different Perspective…from my ivory tower in Granada

After the whirlwind of settling into a new continent, country, city, suburb and community, I have finally had some time to connect with family and friends back home in Australia.  I have had half a dozen long Skype conversations with my tribe and the differences between my new life here in Granada and the one … More A different Perspective…from my ivory tower in Granada