Your Year in Spain

Do you also dream of living in Spain?

There is nothing more exciting than hearing from other people who want to embark on such a life-affirming and enriching experience as moving to Spain for a year or more.

It has been a pleasure to help others who want to realise their dream and I now provide assistance to those who want to make the move to Spain. I can provide as little or as much assistance as you need in order to create a wonderful experience; from arranging a rental house for you, enrolling your children in school, or providing detailed advice on visa applications, opening bank accounts and mobile phone plans etc… It is up to you how much help you would like. Learn more at my website Your Year in Spain.

Diana and family, Los Angeles, USA

“Bianca helped our family tremendously in putting the pieces of the puzzle in order for our move to Spain.  In addition to helping us find a lovely home to rent and enrol our kids in the local school, she has been available to answer questions about mobile phone use, packing, shipping, and Spanish classes.  She helped us make connections with locals and other ex-pat families who are taking the plunge. Thank you!”  Meredith and family, Los Angeles, USA

Eduardo and Rebecca family


“Truly, our landing in Granada would not have been this idyllic had it not been for you. Your help got us this marvellous house overlooking the Alhambra, our kids in a wonderful school, and our family surrounded by a friendly and helpful community of locals and expats.  Thank you!”     Eduardo and family, Montana, USA


Each family has their own personal list of criteria of what they would like their experience to be. For us the main areas for consideration were:

  • The opportunity to integrate into a Spanish community and life
  • Affordability – where would our money go furthest
  • Not too cold climate (as we are Australians unaccustomed to cold winters)
  • Large city versus small city or rural area
  • Schools – Public, private or concertada (we chose public)
  • Accessibility to other areas of Spain and an international airport
  • Cultural and sporting facilities
  • Health facilities
  • Accessibility to nature

If you are planning time in Spain, here are some areas where I can help:

  • Choosing the right location for you to live
  • Finding a home to rent
  • Negotiation of a rental agreement
  • Understanding and completing Spanish visa requirements
  • Finding a school for your children and understanding how the system works
  • General information like how to open a bank account

I represent a selection of beautiful houses owned by people I know in Spain. These houses and apartments are available for medium to longterm rental. One of the great rewards from this work is connecting overseas families to rent homes from locals and watching the cultural exchange that takes place between them.

Do not hesitate to contact me as I’d love to help your Spanish dream become a reality.

A typical Andalucían Carmen
A typical Andalucían Carmen
A typical Spanish school playground
A typical Spanish school playground

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