Something strange is happening to me

I have become obsessed with Europe and we still have 9 whole months to wait until our departure…

Yes, it’s true, I am a planner and researcher and I have become obsessed with planning our year in Spain that is still 9 months away. It has led to great frustration in our household because I have completely lapsed in my domestic responsibilities in favour of being permanently glued to my computer/ ipad/ iphone, madly researching, enquiring and reconnecting with family and friends in Europe.

Another major pitfall is that I should be focusing on working more and saving for our trip but alas, part of me has already left for Europe or at least, is desperate to be there already.

One peculiar side effect of this obsession is that I have started to enter every competition I can find where the prize is a trip to Europe. I have signed up to websites I have no interest in, given my personal details and email address to everyone and anyone who dangles the carrot in front of me: “WIN A TRIP TO EUROPE”.

Perhaps I can go on a sneaky reconnaissance mission to Europe before we actually move there next year – research is very important!! Or maybe if we win a trip, it will cover our airfares next year. Honestly I think the answer lies in the psychology of immersion into anything involving Europe and the hope associated with “winning” so entering competitions is what I do now. My sister has a not so flattering term for what I am doing but conveniently I have already forgotten what it is.

Anyway, the latest competition I am entering takes it to a new level. Nomadic Matt is running a competition where I have to make a video blog entry telling him why I want to go to Budapest, Prague and Vienna. It made me think about the family tree I recently began that traces my parents’ heritage in Hungary. It began as a project for my Dad’s 70th birthday last month and has now stalled until we can find someone to conduct the remaining research in Hungary.

The family tree project also prompted me to ponder what my parents’ childhood was like and why they had to escape Budapest as teenagers to start a whole new life at the bottom of the Earth in Australia. It got me excited about showing my children where their beloved grandparents come from, not to mention all the fried langos with garlic and sour cream, turos palacinta and goulash we could eat while there!


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